1. NoIR LaserShield Protective Eyewear


    Through June 30th - $25 off Each Pair When You Purchase 2 or More Pairs of LaserShield Eyewear

    NoIR LaserShields are the product of engineering innovation and tight manufacturing tolerances, providing an optimal balance between protection and visibility.

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  2. Doggles ILS (Set of 4)


    Through June 30th - $25 off your purchase of the Doggles (Set of 4)

    Set includes all 4 sizes (XS, S, M, L)

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  3. Atlas of CO2 Laser Surgery Procedures (USB)


    Presented by: Dr. John C. Godbold, Jr.

    Expand your CO2 laser surgery knowledge and skills!

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  4. Laser Therapy in the Companion Animal Practice-Textbook



    Mechanisms and Protocols for Class IV Laser Therapy
    A comprehensive guide to therapeutic lasers for companion animals.

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  5. Laser Therapy in Veterinary Medicine: Photobiomodulation


    536 pages


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  6. Introduction to Companion Animal Laser Therapy AND Equine Laser Therapy

    Regular Price: $425.00

    Special Price $275.00

    4.5 hours

    Eligible Online

    Presented by: Dr. Ron Riegel, Robert Splinter

    Includes the following 4 courses:

    • Medical Laser Safety
    • The Science Behind Medical Lasers
    • Laser Therapy Principles in the Companion Animal Practice
    • Laser Therapy Principles for the Equine Athlete
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  7. コンパニオンアニマルの診療に おけるレーザー治療の原則


    1.5 hours


    プレゼンター:久保田 朋子 獣医師

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  8. Veterinary Medical Laser Safety Officer


    2 hours

    Eligible Online

    Presented by: Dr. Ron Riegel

    The Veterinary Medical Laser Safety Officer (VMLSO) is an integral member of your team to ensure the safe use of therapy laser in a clinical environment.

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  9. Introduction to Laser Therapy for the Veterinary Technician, Veterinary Assistant, & Veterinary Nurse

    Regular Price: $425.00

    Special Price $149.00

    4 hours

    Eligible Online

    Presented by: Dr. Ron Riegel, Maria Cecere

    This course will allow these colleagues to gain an understanding of not only the science and research supporting this modality but also application techniques and actual cases which supply the foundation allowing extrapolation to each individual practice environment.

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