1. Carbon Dioxide Surgical Lasers


    3 hours


    Presented by: Dr. John C. Godbold, Jr.

    Introduction to and practical application of veterinary CO2 surgical lasers

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  2. CE on the Beach - Animals in Pain: Thermal Imaging for Assessment and Management

    Regular Price: $450.00

    Tuition Special $375.00

    7 hours


    Date: April 22 - 23, 2022

    Presented by: Dr. Jennifer F. Johnson, Dr. John C. Godbold, Jr., Dr. Ron Riegel

    Location: St. Pete Beach, FL (TradeWinds Island Grand Resort)

    7 Hours of AAVSB RACE-Approved CE, NYSED Sponsor of CE & IVAPM-Approved Pain Management Education

    ♦ Complexities of Chronic Pain ♦ Digital Thermal Imaging ♦ Tools to See and Measure Pain

    Presented by AIMLA's World-Class Faculty:

    Dr. Jennifer F. Johnson      Jennifer F. Johnson, VMD, CVPP

    John C. Godbold, Jr.       John C. Godbold Jr., DVM

    Ronald J. Riegel      Ronald J. Riegel, DVM

    Register in 2 Easy Steps:

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    Step 2: Hotel Accommodations - Contact Travel With Me at, (Call 937-644-9500) or contact TradeWinds Island Grand Resort

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