Introduction to Laser Therapy

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3 hours

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Includes the following 3 courses:

  • Medical Laser Safety
  • The Science Behind Medical Lasers
  • General Laser Therapy Principles


This course provides access to the complete Laser Therapy  Certification Course. This course outlines the biological effects of medical lasers for treating common conditions. It covers the effects of medical lasers in the promotion of analgesia, acceleration of wound healing, and reduction of inflammation.

There are demonstrations for treating a variety of disorders concerning the shoulder, elbow, wrist, lumbar spine, knee, ankle, foot, and others.

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This online course does not provide accredited CE to participants.

More Information

More Information
Course Length 3 hours
Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course you should be able to:

Medical Laser Safety

  • Identify the safety risks for lasers
  • Describe procedures for safely working with lasers

Scientific Basis of Medical Lasers

  • Discuss the theory of the production of laser light and radiation.
  • Discuss the difference between continuous wave, pulse, super pulse and intermittent laser output.
  • Describe the most beneficial model of laser light penetration.
  • Define the terminology used in connection with medical lasers.

 General Laser Therapy Principles

  • Describe how laser therapy promotes analgesia and reduces inflammation
  • Explain how laser therapy accelerates wound healing
  • Identify proper dosages, settings, and procedures for applying laser therapy
  • Describe proper techniques for applying laser therapy
Additional Recommended Courses



Medical Laser Safety

There are many aspects to laser safety. As a healthcare laser user you should understand these hazards and how to minimize them.

Scientific Basis of Medical Lasers

This course outlines the science behind medical lasers. In this course the participant will explore the origins of lasers, the physics behind lasers, the basic components all lasers share and the theory behind the selection of lasers for therapeutic and medical applications

General Laser Therapy Principles (1.5 hours)

This course details the application of therapeutic laser. This course instructs the user in the use, application of energy, proper application and documentation of laser therapy. Participants in this online seminar will learn some of the benefits of the use of therapeutic lasers, and learn to improve the outcome of other therapies used in conjunction with the application of therapeutic laser light.



Medical Laser Safety (.5 hours)

  1. Identifying Potential Risks
  2. Practical Laser Safety
  3. Quiz

Scientific Basis of Medical Lasers (1.0 hours)

  1. How Lasers Work - Part 1
  2. How Lasers Work - Part 2
  3. Laser Physics 
  4. Laser Tissue Interaction
  5. Quiz

General Laser Therapy Principles (1.5 hours)

  1. Analgesia and Inflammation Reduction
  2. Healing Properties of Therapeutic Lasers
  3. General Laser Therapy Principles
  4. Application Principles for the Upper Body
  5. Application Principles for the Lower Body
  6. Quiz

Course Evaluation

Certificate of Completion

Additional Info

Course information is specific for human medical applications


This online course does not provide accredited CE to participants.

Platform Eligible, Online