Laser Therapy for the Equine Athlete - Textbook

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Using the Pegasus™ Laser Therapy System
A comprehensive guide to therapeutic lasers for horses.


The goal of all therapeutic modalities is to provide the best possible care for the equine athlete. The application of laser therapy is a powerful tool in providing the equine athlete with a relief of pain and swelling, as a local and systemic anti-inflammatory mediator, as an enhanced method of healing wounds or injuries, as a stimulation of the acupuncture points (needleless acupuncture) and several pre-performance and athletic enhancement protocols. Long recovery periods and extended treatment times will soon be a thing of the past.

This text is basically divided into three sections. The first section will explain the current nomenclature, the history of light therapy, how a laser works, basic laser physics and safety considerations. In the second section, the physiological effects of light upon the cells and the resulting biochemical reactions will be clarified along with the contraindications of laser therapy. Lastly, general therapy protocols, dosages and techniques will be offered, through illustrations, graphs and tables, for numerous clinical disorders and clinical approaches to the equine athlete.

Authors: Ronald J Riegel and Lora L. Sepion

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