Laser Therapy in the Companion Animal Practice-Textbook

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Mechanisms and Protocols for Class IV Laser Therapy
A comprehensive guide to therapeutic lasers for companion animals.



Veterinary practitioners are faced with a great deal of misunderstanding and even misinformation relating to the selection of a therapeutic laser for their practice. Simply stated the goal of adding a therapeutic laser to the practice armamentarium is: “A device that provides the deepest penetration and the greatest amount of photobiostimulation in a reasonable amount of time for conditions that are routinely seen in practice.”

This text is divided into three sections. The first section will explain the current nomenclature, the history of light therapy, laser engineering, basic laser physics and safety considerations. In the second section, the physiological effects of light upon the cells and the resulting biochemical reactions will be clarified along with the contraindication of laser therapy. Lastly, general therapy protocols, dosages and techniques will be offered, through illustrations, graphs and tables, for numerous clinical disorders and clinical approaches within the companion animal practice.

The proper administration of photons to the companion animal patient is the therapy of the future. The information within this text will enable you to provide a better quality of life for our loyal companions.

Author: Ronald J Riegel

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